Month: September 2015

Interview with Jo Zebedee

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House On The Borderlands.

Jo Zebedee was kind enough to allow me to interview her for House On The Borderland.

Read my Interview with Jo Zebedee

Minecraft Club Launch

Yesterday was a big day at the school I have been helping out at. It was the launch of their Minecraft Club. The Town Mayor came along to open it, not by cutting a ribbon, but by knocking down a “Minecraft” wall. Why is this important? MinecraftEdu allows a level of practical engagement to the…

On the Radio

I’m off to the local radio station this morning to talk about the MinecraftEdu After School Club I’ve been running at Beverley St Nicholas Community Primary school. I’m not a teacher, I haven’t spent the best part of ten years learning how to be one. “School” is the last place I wanted to return to,…

2015 Steampunk Asylum Review

My report/journal/review/ general ramblings on Lincoln’s annual awesomeness…sorry Asylum Festival was to be the first of my articles over on House on the Borderland. My thanks to all the people and photographers whose creativity brings this article to life! This was the first year I contributed to the Festival events and it certainly made for…


The school summer holidays always impacts my productivity, this year has been no different. The good news however is it allows me to connect with others at the various events and conventions happening around the country. I get to down tools and spend time with my family, read, and generally pretend the internet doesn’t exist….