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What’s in a Book Launch?

When I’m working on my own writing I find it difficult to read within my preferred genre. For me one of the biggest advantages of SFF is, while there’s a good dose of imagination and future thought in it, the … Continue reading

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The Value of Words

Words are everywhere. We don’t realise just how much we use them, even when there aren’t any actively visible. We need them to communicate, to talk and of course, to insult one-another on Facebook. They are the hidden force behind … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Ask.

For a while now I’ve been interviewing authors. Some of these have come about because of the York Pub Meets, (thank you Alex) others at the Sheffield SFF Social (thank you Steven and pals). These British Fantasy Society and British … Continue reading

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Audiences, Media and the Right Path

One of the things I love about Minecraft is that is a platform from which you can… jump creatively into a billion different topics. The end product  can be entirely dependant on the player. You can learn as you go. … Continue reading

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Gratitude on an Epic Level.

The fantasy world’s 2016 started with G R R Martin telling the world, “I’m not done yet.”I can’t imagine the amount of stress the post must have caused him. He must have felt the weight of every word he typed, … Continue reading

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