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There was so much about this book that worked for me, not only the way Nik Korpon dealt with his world building, but the way his characters reacted to the world. Like all Angry Robot books, I found this a deliciously refreshing step outside of the expected, without being too off the wall and unfamiliar.
Strongly Recommend! Book Cover of The Rebellion's Last Traitor
You can read my full review here:
SFF World Review, Nik Korpon’s The Rebellion’s Last Traitor

Five pm (GMT) on Saturday the 3rd of September  is when the launch party for Explorations: Through the Wormhole starts over on Facebook. Come and have a natter with…

Cover shows Wormhole with spacecraft approaching

Buy this anthology. RIGHT NOW!

Fourteen authors who have contributed to the anthology from Woodbridge Press, including myself. My story, When the Skies Open, is one of fourteen in this shared universe. Themes of the stories range, but When the Skies Open questions the future of an accidental interstellar colony. The fun kicks off at…

Three pm (EST) for those of you ‘across the pond’. The ebook format is the first version which will be available, but Explorations: Through the Wormhole will be available in paperback and audio versions as well, very soon. I have had the pleasure of interviewing…

Two of the other contributors, P. J Strebor and Thaddeus White over SFFWorld, and Jo Zebedee featured on House on The Borderland and SFFWorld. Of course it is…

One anthology, but is it just one universe? Well it was supposed to be just one anthology, yet a second is already in the works. So come and see. It will be a…

Blast. Off hand, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

 Gif features launch sequence from new Thunderbirds TV Show

Ok. Enough messing about, we’re all adults here, right? 

Explorations: Through the Wormhole is released today, it’s available from Amazon, and direct from the publisher, Woodbridge Press. While many anthologies share a common theme, the Explorations series share a common universe, and many of the stories touch upon the same history and may even share a common future. Join us on Facebook in the comfort of your own wifi. The authors will be dropping in throughout the launch for fun and prizes!

I’d tell you more but you know the book’s always better if you read it yourself.

 Banner shows starfield background and cover of Through The Wormhole. Image also features the list of authors included in the anthology in a silver-metallic effect font


I’m pleased to be able to share the news that my short story, When the Skies Open will be featuring in an upcoming anthology from Woodbridge Press.

All the stories in Explorations: Through the Wormhole share the same universe. Together they are intended to provide a novel-length experience to the reader in bite-sized pieces, each in the unique voice of the individual author. All this goodness is wrapped in artwork by UK artist Tom Edwards.

Explorations: Through the Wormhole

Explorations: Through the Wormhole

Naturally, I’m proud to share page space with talented authors, some of whom I’ve interviewed  SFF World and House on the Borderland.

Thaddeus White, another of the authors included in the anthology interviewed the head of Woodbridge Press, Nathan Hystad earlier this week. You can read Thaddeus’s interview here.

Explorations: Through the Wormhole will be available later this year in print and E-book formats.

Expanse: Credit NBC

Expanse: Credit NBC


I think that’s call for a celebratory drink!

Disaster has happened. A little bit of research for a current project has turned into a new project of its own. Mission creep is lethal in my household – painting a wall quickly becomes a complete room renovation. I suspect this little idea may well follow the same path.

Pub to the to the right! Yes those beams are old.

Pub to the left…pub to the right! Yes those beams are old.

You know how it happens, you walk into a pub for a lazy Sunday afternoon and suddenly want to share the fantastic place with all your genre-mad-mates, right?


Well then. I know there are many SFF fans in the Humber area. Be they readers, authors, game creators, graphic novel writers, they create and consume a culture of magic and wonder.

Promoting anything is hard work and costly, an indie author has limited options to get his work noticed. Even the traditional published writers have a trek as alas, the Humber area is remote and isolated from the busy happenings further along the M62 – even more so from the hub which is London.

With Hull City of Culture waiting in the wings I thought it high time our geek genre had a spotlight too. A chance for local authors to grow their social networks outside of the social media, meet fans from the area and allow readers to discover new work.

If you don’t try, you won’t know…right?

So Humber-SFF was born, not to compete with others but to make the genre more accessible as a whole.

It made sense to hold it on the 27th of August, a bank holiday weekend neatly between Nine Worlds and FantasyCon By the Sea. We’ve even got a whole pub* to ourselves.

27833741It wouldThe Sign in the Moonlightn’t have happened without the help from friends behind York Pub Meet and Sheffield SFF Social (Thank you!) not to mention the fantastic author Daniel Godfrey who was 100% behind the idea from the start (Pre-order his book!). David Tallerman’s also graciously agreed to be part of this momentary insanity (So buy his short story collection).

*We have one half of the present day pub to retreat to post-readings. The Monk’s Walk is thought to be formerly two pubs one holding the name The George and Dragon.