Not My Problem?

Good morning! So what was for breakfast? Skipped it? You’ll be starving by 10, the chocolate machine won’t give you any change you know it. How’s that coffee queue? There’s nothing worse than standing in line for 15 minutes while some numpty at the front can’t decide what size of gingerbread latte they need is […]

The Big Wide World

Nine Worlds happened this weekend, a convention for fans of anything ‘geek’. Games, comics, films, books and T.V. shows were all covered, spanning all age groups and geeky genres. Interesting and apropos academic panels merged well with the more traditional fan-based content. Panels and workshops covered making, creating, discussing, laughing, exploring and of course debating. […]

The End?

How do I know I’m done with the book? That question is one that wouldn’t go away. Is it finished? Is it ready for eyes other than my bloodshot, caffeine reinforced vision? Should there be this? What if my second chapter doesn’t work? How about I muck around on the net more? ( has a […]