Long Live Grimpink

  This article happened this week. http://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2013/oct/11/fantasy-novel-elves-orcs-tolkien I get what Damien Walter was aiming for. With the World Fantasy Con happening in Brighton, it’s a hot topic inside the industry. There are plenty of authors, publishers, agents, superfans and readers too, all heading to England. But he caused a bit of a fuss across the […]

Sleeps With Monsters: Kate Elliott

I know there’s a great deal of disscussion in the genre about diversity, female representation and ” White male”orientated. In this post on Tor.com, Kate picks over the issues of women, writing, characters and the whole ‘strong female’ visibility thing. http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/07/sleeps-with-monsters-kate-elliott-six-answers-questions You’ll find Kate Elliott as a Guest of Honour in the UK Fantasy Con […]

Seven Stories from Newcastle.

So much for “downing tools”. Even on holiday the winged writery annoyance that sits upon my left shoulder wouldn’t shut up, I have a notebook full of potential now not to mention toddler scribbles. If you are ever in Newcastle and you have just the slightest affection for books, take your children, your nephew, hell […]

Virtually Everything

Yes, there much more than the usual fuss and happiness in our house. My first acceptance happened about a month ago. It didn’t cause as much hyperactive celebrating as I had thought it might in those day dreams of “I’ve got an acceptance.” It’s only now as the big ‘Go Live Day’ approaches that the […]

From the Seeds of Fruit.

Today I found a little bit of America in my home town. You won’t find it in London, not Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds. Newcastle has its own thing going on. This is all of those, with history that bellows from every brick and hope that flickers in the old Victorian lamps. This is unique to […]