I know there’s a great deal of disscussion in the genre about diversity, female representation and ” White male”orientated.

In this post on Tor.com, Kate picks over the issues of women, writing, characters and the whole ‘strong female’ visibility thing.

Spirt Gate.

Kate Elliott’s Spirit Gate, from the Crossroads Series.


You’ll find Kate Elliott as a Guest of Honour in the UK Fantasy Con in York 2014 http://www.fantasycon2014.org/

Her site  http://www.kateelliott.com/

Her Spirit Walker Series is on my to read list… well, it’s more than that. They are already on my bookshelf awaiting a week of ” I want to hide in someone else’s world.” I certainly need to re-read the crossroads series. (Notice how my todo list grows by the moment?)

I’d also recomend The Golden Key in which she co-authors with Melanie Rawn and Jennifer Roberson.