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It’s nearly August. That means it’s nearly Nine Worlds – geekery greatness over a whole weekend. Year three of this pangalatic mash of fabulous creativity and fandom and the peeps are already excited. The grand announcements have begun, who’s who on what panel along with the plans for evening frivolity and excitement of the partying style…

Are you going too?Nine Worlds 2015

You don’t have to be a writer to attend Nine Worlds. You don’t need to have made a blockbuster movie. Your resume does not have to list endless gaming productions. All you need to be is you. If you read a bit or watch the Syfy channel, know the script of Alien off by heart or have secret underground cave filled with graphic novels, catch a podcast here and there or happened to have finished Destiny without sleep, it doesn’t matter. You’ll fit right in. From Dr Who to Super Natural, Animie to Steampunk, Game of Thrones to Star Trek, whatever your “geek” is, it’s covered here. Whoever you are, where ever you are from, whatever speculative, SFF genre thing is YOUR thing. It’s here.

Don’t be the one stuck at home following on Twitter, wishing. Plan ahead! Be a part of it. Don’t be put off by the immensity, by the worry of crowds. There are safe spaces too.

So – Part one of the non-pocket sized guide if your thinking about going.

Before July starts…


  1. Buy tickets early. Daft as this sounds…it’s cheaper. (There is another price rise imminent!) I know you don’t know what you’re doing in the next ten minutes, let along the next ten months – but money saved on tickets can be spent on great stuff in the vendor’s area. Oh and MAKE USE OF THE INSTALMENTS OPTION!
  2. Book the hotel. This year they’re in the Raddisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow.  The inhabitants of Nine Worlds party hard into the night and taxis are expensive.  (Even more expensive when it’s raining!) There are oodles of hotels nearby, including Premier Inn, Ibis and Travelodge. Check sites like Lastminute for cheap options.
  3. Volunteer. If the tickets and hotel refuse to fit the bank balance and you have the skills. Donate your time and help make the event run smooth.
  4. Cosplaying? Get making! I’ve seen groups and individuals have a blast and there’s nothing better than discovering others who love the same film, book, graphic novel, game as you. It’s a great icebreaker.
  5. Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook and the Nine Worlds website. There are some events that must be booked. These. Sell. Out. Fast. You got that, right? The one-to-ones, the how-tos with your idol. The once in a solar eclipse opportunities sell out very fast. Oh… and each track has it’s own twitter feed. Start here: @London_Geekfest
  6. Download the draft Programme.* (Not yet…soon!) Get excited, but don’t plan anything yet! It’s only a draft.
  7. Get Digital.* (Soon) Use their software that’s there to Keep It Simple. Take time to figure it out. I’m a paper first person, but getting to grips with the event planning software means you won’t accidentally miss that one panel you HAVE to see because you found something else that looked interesting. (What do you mean there are three pages of stuff to do on to Saturday?)
  8. Did you take your eye off the website? Ticket only swordfighting, did you miss it? That make your own shiny-thingy, you missed that too? A chance to meet your very most favouritist person who made that thing you like mostist… not going to miss that are ya?
  9. Clear a shelf. Book hauls & goodie bags, exchanges, prizes, shiny things you buy … you WILL need the space. Do this after following step 1. (And don’t fill it with other stuff you collect between now and August!)

Part Two…coming soon.

(*Knowing my luck they won’t do a draft programme, or a digital planning app thing this time, but there will be something equally as helpful, no-doubt. )

Nine Worlds happened this weekend, a convention for fans of anything ‘geek’. Games, comics, films, books and T.V. shows were all covered, spanning all age groups and geeky genres. Interesting and apropos academic panels merged well with the more traditional

Nine Worlds Logo

Nine Worlds, one very happy Yeti.

fan-based content. Panels and workshops covered making, creating, discussing, laughing, exploring and of course debating. It was ten times better than last year, a thing I didn’t think possible, so well done to all the brainpower and organising people that brought it together.

There will be plenty of coverage on the various media channels about what went on, why it is so different to what is already out there, and how amazing it all was… and amazing doesn’t do it justice.

Nonetheless, many will ask “Why, as a creative person, should I get out at all?” Literature Festivals, conventions, workshops. The stress of getting to them, the hassle of taking time off work, maybe even a bit of social anxiety are all real factors, but what you get is so very worth it.


  1.        Meet people & make friends.

At Nine Worlds I met people. Folk that don’t look at you like you’ve come out in a rash of green boils when you blab about your love of Supernatural Whovian crossover fiction. Again. Game of Thrones? Harry Potter? Marvel? DC, Manga, Fanfic, card Games, Board Games? Yes. Even those that have the same love for that long forgotten T.V show, band or quirky colour of almost blue. You. Are. Not. Alone. Not at Nine Worlds. Likewise with various art Festivals I have been to (Eg: Lincoln Inspired, York Literature Festival, Hull Freedom Festival, Beverley Literature Festival.) The panels and events break the ice – if you want it breaking.



  1.        Learn stuff.

Who better to learn from than professionals who are actually working in the field you both love? A workshop panel on podcasting might well set your creativity loose in a different direction, just the thing for that story that keeps getting rejected. An editing workshop might help you hone the sentence structure, or plot knots.


  1.        Build on what you know.

Everyone knows something, (write what you know…right?) but at conventions you get to meet people that have been doing that something for a lot longer than you, and in many different ways. You might share a short cut or discover a pit fall before it finds you. You’ll become aware of stuff that’s just beginning to bubble up to the surface. The next cool thing tends to start in places just like this.


  1.        Party Hard.

Every genre has its ‘party’ thing… mostly involving some form of alcohol. Party into the night to music, sing-a-longs, gaming, cheese and wine at the dinner table,  or just a quiet drink among those that don’t worry about the dragon on your shoulder.


  1.        The Loot.
    Book Haul

    To Be Read.  My book shelves are laughing at me.

Even if you don’t count the knowledge as a “take away” from such things, the goodie bags are always excellent.

There were books, DVDs (OK, Van Helsing as a boobie prize in a trivia contest, but still), game trades, give-aways and launches. With so large a captive audience in one place the marketing departments go in all guns blazing.


After you’ve done the making friends, spent time on the learning and the building, who knows, it might be you on a panel soon.