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A Knapsack Full of Nine Worlds.

Nine Worlds – Part Three.(Seriously a Duology?  Bah… good things come in threes.) Where am I? “YOUR IN A ROOM!” I am no longer at Nine Worlds, sadly. For me it was a little less shiny this year. (Did you over do it this year guys?) I decided to explore outside my usual workshop and…

A not so pocket guide To Nine Worlds (Part Two)

There are less than two weeks to go, and yes, you’re just a little bit excited.  You have your ticket, (you do, right?) you’ve got your name down for those extra special limited attendance workshops. You’ve memorised the programme by heart, consumed the convention’s anti-harrassment policy, become addicted to the Twitter feed but…now what? The…

The Big Wide World

Nine Worlds happened this weekend, a convention for fans of anything ‘geek’. Games, comics, films, books and T.V. shows were all covered, spanning all age groups and geeky genres. Interesting and apropos academic panels merged well with the more traditional fan-based content. Panels and workshops covered making, creating, discussing, laughing, exploring and of course debating….