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There was so much about this book that worked for me, not only the way Nik Korpon dealt with his world building, but the way his characters reacted to the world. Like all Angry Robot books, I found this a deliciously refreshing step outside of the expected, without being too off the wall and unfamiliar.
Strongly Recommend! Book Cover of The Rebellion's Last Traitor
You can read my full review here:
SFF World Review, Nik Korpon’s The Rebellion’s Last Traitor

I’m pleased to be able to share the news that my short story, When the Skies Open will be featuring in an upcoming anthology from Woodbridge Press.

All the stories in Explorations: Through the Wormhole share the same universe. Together they are intended to provide a novel-length experience to the reader in bite-sized pieces, each in the unique voice of the individual author. All this goodness is wrapped in artwork by UK artist Tom Edwards.

Explorations: Through the Wormhole

Explorations: Through the Wormhole

Naturally, I’m proud to share page space with talented authors, some of whom I’ve interviewed  SFF World and House on the Borderland.

Thaddeus White, another of the authors included in the anthology interviewed the head of Woodbridge Press, Nathan Hystad earlier this week. You can read Thaddeus’s interview here.

Explorations: Through the Wormhole will be available later this year in print and E-book formats.

Expanse: Credit NBC

Expanse: Credit NBC


I think that’s call for a celebratory drink!

For a while now I’ve been interviewing authors. Some of these have come about because of the York Pub Meets, (thank you Alex) others at the Sheffield SFF Social (thank you Steven and pals). These British Fantasy Society and British Science Fiction Association events and others have allowed me to get to know the authors behind the words in a book and boost the signal. It grew from there.

Yesterday someone asked me if I was part of the marketing department of Tickety Boo Press.

No I am not. Let’s make this clear. I have no affiliation with Tickety Boo Press. I cannot help you be published by them, I can’t help you get on the right side of their acquisition editors. I do know a few of the publishing house’s authors, some of them in person and others through forums. Like many others writing reviews and interviews, I was approached by either the author or the press.

However, I have a bit of advice to help any author,be they indie, small press, and yes even those who have the Holy Grail of publishers in their corner.

Authors – If you don’t ask, YOU DON’T GET. With that in mind if you want to raise the profile of your book, here are a few places which may help:

Twitter and Facebook. I regularly see calls for book bloggers and reviewers here.

Good Reads. Giveaways are a great way to increase your readership and collect reviews.

NETGALLEY: Go here, but be prepared to pay :

SFFWORLD Review/Interview request form:

Fantasy Faction They don’t have a direct submission page, but you might want to check out their forums. Perhaps a hint can be found on the about us section of the site?

SFF Signal Fill out a form:

Don’t be afraid to put your book out there, but do be willing to part with your book for nothing. That is to say a lot of reviewers, bloggers and vloggers do this thing for free, they don’t earn anything from it, so don’t expect them to buy your book and do you a favour by shouting about it.

Limit the number of books you send out into the world in exchange for publicity. Put a value on the coverage it will bring. Also be aware that you can have too much of a good thing. If your name and book cover is on every site for a month, there are some readers who will actively avoid it; there’s praise and then there’s hype.  Others will be sick of hearing about it… you know a bit like that Christmas Number One from 1993?

Book cover for When the Heavens Fall

When the Heavens Fall

While I have been working on Story-Craft and other writing things, I had the fortune to win a copy of When the Heavens Fall which lead to writing an interview with the author. Marc Turner is a lovely chap (<- understated Yorkshire twee) and I recommend reading his book, not to mention ordering the next in the series, Dragon Hunters.

You can read the whole interview over on