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Strong Female Characters (or, why no one likes Sansa Stark).

I come from a town where the woman of the house didn’t take well to back chat, but gossip was expected – how else do you learn about what transpired the night before? A housewife was left to deal with the day to day while men were away at sea – after he had spent…

Learning Curves

I’ve heard a lot of authors say that you never stop learning. 2014 turned out to be one heck of a hill for me. On the outside, nothing has happened. Yet, those who write (whatever you write) know that that’s possibly the best type of happening. I put this growth down to tea lack of…

Convention Fever: Part One, FantasyCon 2014, York

In the space of seven days I feel like I have travelled through time, space and sanity, again abandoning fabulous happenings on my doorstep not to mention things much further from home for events I pre-booked early in the year. Accommodation for both events ruined my experiences, but that is a letter for another department….

The End?

How do I know I’m done with the book? That question is one that wouldn’t go away. Is it finished? Is it ready for eyes other than my bloodshot, caffeine reinforced vision? Should there be this? What if my second chapter doesn’t work? How about I muck around on the net more? (SpikedMcgrath.com has a…

Chasing the Dragon.

Interesting week this week. I don’t know the artist of this, which sums up my huge learning curve, but he/she has put it concisely enough. We all do things for a reason, primarily we work to pay bills. We aim to get higher on the pay scale to have more left after paying those bills….