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The school summer holidays always impacts my productivity, this year has been no different. The good news however is it allows me to connect with others at the various events and conventions happening around the country. I get to down tools and spend time with my family, read, and generally pretend the internet doesn’t exist….

Burning Temples, Culture and Accessibility.

Last night (March 21st) saw the burning of the Temple. A wooden temple built overlooking Londonderry, the 2013 City of Culture.  Late yesterday afternoon the Temple’s architectural avatar built by Adam Clarke, BlockWorks and Sparks on Minecraft received the same fate. When I first heard about it, I immediately thought of The Burning Man Festivals…

Minecraft, the Journey

I first encountered Minecraft through gamer-friends, who whispered and then shouted ‘You should really try this.’ I didn’t. How could any pixelated game offering hope to capture the game world? ‘But it’s digital Lego. You gotta try it.’ The eldest daughter started nattering for the Pocket Edition of the game shortly after. In hind sight…