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Gothic Fantasy & Steampunk

There’s been a bit of a theme in the books I’ve been reading recently. All have been set in or around the Victorian era. Jeanette Ng’s Under the Pendulum Sun is an absorbing Gothic Fantasy, capturing the feel of Stoker and Bronte. Highly recommended, and you can find the rest of my review on SFFWorld….

Convention Fever: Part Two – Crazy’s Come to Town. Lincoln Steampunk Asylum.

There I am unpacking the car with the various props and costume extras required for a family of four when I realise I’m being studiously observed by a wary local. These locals are a delightful thing and rare in the Cathedral quarter at this time of year in Lincoln. Usually well mannered, most prefer the…

The End?

How do I know I’m done with the book? That question is one that wouldn’t go away. Is it finished? Is it ready for eyes other than my bloodshot, caffeine reinforced vision? Should there be this? What if my second chapter doesn’t work? How about I muck around on the net more? ( has a…