Ages of Escafeld Volume Two

Why would a talented dwarf set a smithy up miles from a human town when her craft is in high demand?

The Blacksmith's Arms features in this anthology, a fantasy story set in the turbulent Age of Hammers.

Beware of Sleeping Dragons. They dream of a world not our own… Welcome to Escafeld, a city in the northern lands of Terra. Although Terra might look like the real world in places, I assure you this is purely coincidental. This anthology is the second volume of tales from Terra’s long and varied history; from the clashing of Empires and Dragons in the Age of Dreams; the rise of technology and tyranny in the Age of Hammers; the modern mysticism of the Age of Spirits; and finally the Age of Infinity, when Terra reached out to the stars. This book is the product of the Sheffield Science-Fiction and Fantasy writers group, who organised an event for new writers as part of the Off the Shelf Festival in October 2017

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