Distaff: A Science Fiction Anthology by Female Authors

E-Book Cover for DistaffTitle: Distaff: A Science Fiction Anthology by Female Authors


Published by: Independent

Release Date: 15 August 2019

Contributors: Susan Boulton, E.J.Tett, Juliana Spink Mills, Kerry Buchanan, Rosie Oliver, Jo Zebedee, Damaris Browne, Shellie Horst, Jane O’Reilly


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ISBN13: 978-1074955007


A staff used in spinning.
Of women and women’s work.
An anthology of women’s stories woven through time and space.

In 2018 a crack team of women sci-fi writers, all members of the sffchronicles community forum, came together to write an anthology. Distaff is the result. Join us as we share stories of people, of science and exploration, and enjoy the words we weave.

"All in all, this anthology works wonderfully in showing that SF is still a genre which has a lot to say and has so many ways in which to say those things. Filled with great ideas and characters, Distaff is, hopefully, the first volume in what I hope will be an anthology series, and deserves to be widely read and enjoyed." Dave de Burgh, author of 'Betrayal's Shadow'

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