Meet Bev’n’Ley

Since the start of the year, I’ve been lucky enough to be working with Norwood Promotions writing the monthly adventures of two beavers, Bev’n’Ley. Their antics aim to inspire connection through talking, activity, and self care in a positive and fun way.

Just Beverley is a community-based magazine with emphasis on good news. Each issue Bev’n’Ley explore new and old features of Beverley and the surrounding area. Naturally, their investigations create a little chaos along the way.

The beavers live in the town’s central landmark, the Market Cross. It’s visible to children and adults alike. Ley is an energetic soul who charges from curiosity to curiosity. Bev has the wisdom and patience to balance Ley’s questions about the town of Beverley. This makes it a fun challenge to give these two personalities life while blending it into what Beverley offers.

image of several Bev'n'Ley stories in Just Beverley

Luckily, the market town has centuries of history to work with. Beverley is also a thriving centre for theatre, art and has plenty of 21st century activities and businesses for an over excited beaver to investigate.
There’s no shortage of inspiration!

The feedback from readers is always a joy to hear. The bright colours and playful nature of Bev’n’Ley appeal to young readers. But their stories also encourage reading time with ‘grown-ups’. The beautiful illustrations by Jasmine Stephenson add an magical layer to boost the imagination.

You can read Just Beverley for free online. Or order a copy from your local library (ISSN 2754-9216). Alternatively, Just Beverley is available from outlets around the town.


Jasmine Stephenson Illustrations of Bev'n'Ley. Bev, and orange beaver looks worried as Ley, a blue beaver. runs away excitedly.
Illustration of Bev and Ley by Jasmine Stephenson.