Science Fiction and Fantasy at The Ropewalk

I’ve been slacking – or you could say, I’ve been busy preparing for a writing workshop. On October  27th in Barton upon Humber.

Writing Science Fiction or Fantasy brings its own rules, and requirements. It’s no different from Romance, Historical or Crime in that.  Yes there are tropes. Yes there are reader expectations. There are plenty of guides telling writers how to and not to do Sci-Fi. That’s not what this workshop is about, though.

For me, it’s about encouraging writers to.

I know many would be writers wanting to follow in Tolkien’s footsteps are put off thinking they have to develop a whole language for their races. They stop before they even start. Others stall because they worry they aren’t doing it right.

Is there a wrong?

Not really. There are pitfalls, but if you build your world up you’ll avoid most of them automatically. Iron out the flaws in your world to make it believable to your reader.

Dream Big

This workshop is about finding ways past those barriers, with simple exercises that you can use to establish your own fictional world.

Barton’s Ropewalk building has already sparked dozens of possible stories for me. They all need developing, building environments and possibilities for character conflict. So that’s where I’m starting. At the beginning. 

…and you’re welcome to join me.

Booking is essential for these sessions:


Tel 01652 660380