Graduation Day

Six years ago I started out on a Creative Writing Degree at Hull University. Today I officially graduate.

Mostly my mind will be on the robes.

How to feel important: walk through the oldest parts of Hull (the part with echoes of Greenwich) in your Graduation robes.
Death Eater on Whitefriargate!

Vorlon Encounter Suit
Grad Robe to Encounter Suit? I think it will need more than a quick hem. (Source: The Babylon Project.)

A City Hall full of Hogwarts students, or, possibly what I’d need to do to alter the gown into Vorlon Cosplay. What other function could the mortar board provide? Could it be steampunked maybe, beyond just adding cogsā€¦ a platform for little automaton battle bots?

Yes as you can see, I am totally taking this day seriously.


(The ‘grown up’ thoughts can be found here.)