Guest Post: Alex Davis

As part of his Blog Tour, I’m honoured to have Alex Davis as a guest today. The man doesn’t ever seem to stop, when he’s not running his own creative writing workshops over in Derby, he’s organising what is now the most affordable, all day convention on the SFF calendar. If he isn’t knee deep in paperwork he’s editing.


Somewhere in the middle of all that natural chaos, Alex managed to carve out time to write a book (and contracted to complete the trilogy!)    Alex’s book the Last War is available through Tickety Boo Press. 


With just a week to go on the July Blog Swap Trail, I’ll be featuring a few samples from The Last War to give you all a feel of what it’s all about. Today’s short extract comes from Chapter Two, where a new religious leader starts to see the fruits of his labour…



The Last War
The Last War. The Noukari trilogy explores the origins of the Noukari, an alien species in their earliest days trying to build a society in a savage universe.


Outside the temple, whose two walls have grown to four, a proud and lyrical voice carries across the clearing. Beneath the spell of its powerful tones a loose congregation has gathered, without seats, without rows, without any location worthy of such worship.

No matter, the Re’Nuck thinks. All of that will come in time.

He does not allow this simple thought to interrupt the rhythm of his speech. He has become expert in such matters – the words of the Book seem to have ingrained themselves into his memories, written there as large as they are on the crinkled pages at his hut.

‘And the Noukari arrived, borne within the sacred vessels crafted by the gods themselves. But those simplest of lifeforms did not resemble us as we are today, yet by the powers and craftsmanship of the Animex, we were able to rise from the simplest of forms to something more. It was within sunups that we first came to walk, to think, to speak.’

Apius pauses, taking a look at the rapt faces before continuing.

‘We know all this to be fact. All of these things are burned into our common history, and live within our memories still. There is nothing I have said to be disputed. But the question that some still ask is what this truly means for our people. What interpretations can we offer for this event? In this respect we talk about the beginning of life, an act of creation beyond any we have encountered. We are their people, and Genem – and all of Noukaria – is every bit as much theirs as it as ours.’

The crowd nods thoughtfully. Apius has swiftly become used to these public appearances, and the necessary flourishes of the spiritual leader. The means to instil his belief, to communicate in the name of the gods.

‘No act of nature nor of building can do such a thing. It is clear that we were made by the hand of gods – gods called the Animex! There is no other conclusion, and in time all of those who have yet to accept will come to believe. Rest assured, those in denial shall soon worship with us. And they will share the word in a temple that surely even the gods cannot deny, a building so grand in scale that it would be worthy for a god to set foot within.’

Apius bows his head for a moment, allowing his newly-embroidered robe to billow around him. The new vestment has come with the title, and sets him apart from those who hang to his words.

‘That is all. Go with these words, and spread them in the streets and fields of Genem. Much has been done, but there is a longer road ahead.’

One by one the followers of Apius drift away, carrying eager conversations with them.


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