Thank you 2015…

Uh-huh…it’s that end of the year post. It’s in our nature to reflect and move forward, make a bucket of resolutions that we utterly fail to keep.

I won’t be doing any of that. Instead a thank you to those people who have made this year work the way it has. There are a lot of fabulous (published) folk who have all helped in a way they probably don’t even know by allowing me to interview them, or just ask questions while they are busy doing their own thing. I could mention names, but this post will turn into something akin to an award ceremony speech.

Let’s not do that either.

University is now in the past. Thank goodness. Jim, My course tutor enabled me to see the words for what they were. All writers will agree, this is a big thing.

Thank you also Alex Bardy, Steve Poore & co. Organising those northern-ish BFSA/BFA meets in Sheffield and Manchester  cause you a lot of stress, I know, but for those of us that trek across moor, motorway and (almost) mountain it is very worth it. So many people have said they’ve made new friends because of it, myself included.

Jo Zebedee – her little insights and conversations help keep me sane at times and I know she provides the same for many others! This goes the same for all those on Chrons!

Joel Mills … because? Minecraft and of course the class and teachers at Alderman Cogan C.E, I learned so much about my own writing in the project and the two weeks of inspiring others.

That really is 2015 in a nutshell for me. Discovering this “other side of the degree” me, and realising something I tell others. The only thing stopping you from achieving anything, is you.

(Does anyone ever listen to their own advice?)

Here’s to another year of new friendships.