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Writers are used to rejection. (Here’s a collection of woe-is-me turned wow stories. There’s  this, or even this one are all relevant to the great wheel of rejection) Where ever a writer might be on the career scale, best seller … Continue reading

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Do Your Research: A Guide to Avoiding Trouble.

I’m working with some amazingly dedicated small presses across on SFFWorld, and they are dedicated to getting the job right. Small but Mighty, a feature due to go live later this week, was set up to highlight that fact, and … Continue reading

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Story Teller

Back in the 80’s Marshall Cavendish published a collection of stories. No biggy right? Wrong. These stories were released once a fortnight with a cassette tape for you to listen and read-a-long with. Hidden within the magazine’s pages were tales … Continue reading

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Strong Female Characters (or, why no one likes Sansa Stark).

I come from a town where the woman of the house didn’t take well to back chat, but gossip was expected – how else do you learn about what transpired the night before? A housewife was left to deal with … Continue reading

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Learning Curves

I’ve heard a lot of authors say that you never stop learning. 2014 turned out to be one heck of a hill for me. On the outside, nothing has happened. Yet, those who write (whatever you write) know that that’s … Continue reading

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