Convention Fever: Part One, FantasyCon 2014, York

In the space of seven days I feel like I have travelled through time, space and sanity, again abandoning fabulous happenings on my doorstep not to mention things much further from home for events I pre-booked early in the year. Accommodation for both events ruined my experiences, but that is a letter for another department. Serves me right for being such a cheapskate. I don’t want to end up with a name dropping escapade. It’s hard when you meet so many brilliant people with talent that crosses every art form.


FantasyCon. The creative minds descended upon York, sharing their love of fantasy and horror.

While the mass majority of regulars wandered about with the air of familiarity, yours truly savoured the Victorian splendidness which the hotel tried to hide away. Yes, I was the idiot at the bar supping tea, as opposed to the much conversed over-priced alcohol. (Mostly because of the lack of sleep due to my poor hotel choice.) Yes, I was the odd-ball exploring the Narnia-esque  corridors and former servant stairs, as well as exploring York in the early hours of Saturday morning while the rest slept. I’ve never claimed to be ‘normal’.

This event– for me – was far more grown up (straight-laced?) and business minded than Nine Worlds, both conventions have their plusses, neither will compete for the same audiences or offer the same experience. In truth I would not have been there if not for the Guest of Honour, Kate Elliott. I toyed on emptying my book shelf for signing purposes but the shear logistics of transporting those books put me off. I settled to take the one, most read, most battered book. It’s now even more precious to me as it’s signed.

I did not expect to lament the lack of suitable attire at York, yet when one’s name is called out in such auspice surroundings, and with such esteemed guests present, the lack of the Victorian gown was truly remiss on my part. Needless to say the Live Tea and Jeopardy was without doubt, for me, the crowning event. I didn’t for a moment think to find myself clucking the Dr Who theme as part of this it takes a truly talented team to bring so much laughter.

From York I take the new friends I have made, and the wisdom I have learned from the various panels and readings and podcast craziness and I’ve some great ideas that have yet to begin clucking.