Hey Hull what are you moaning about?


“Dunno what you wanna go to Hull for. Only thing it’s good for is being the end of the M62.”

“I hate living here, there int nowt to do.”

Living in Hull you hear these things quite a lot. (Minor understatement.)

Really? People! Where have you been the last couple of years?

Another one that gets me:

“I wish Hull was more like *insert other fabulous town of much doing here.*”

Seriously. September is here, and you can’t swing a cat for happenings. Some of it more obvious and anticipated than others. Click the links to find out more about each event.


Heads Up Hull!
Heads Up Hull!

Heads Up Festival Kicks off on the 4th and runs to the 16th This one is a “something for everyone” event, with both local and international creativity oozing from the venues. It’s the second this year and runs along-side of not against the massive Freedom Festival.





Starting on the 5th until the 7th this is the big one – the one that gets the most media coverage, so therefore the one that most know about. Party time, acts, debates, music, theatre, art, poetry.

Hull Freedom Festival 5-7th September
Hull Freedom Festival 5-7th September

Anything that can be filed under the word “creative”. Right here, in Hull and I am gutted that I will miss the majority of it. I feel like a traitor! Events are both inside and out, day time and night, to attend with some ticketed events as an extra, not a requirement. So it doesn’t matter if you’re skint or loaded.

You have a couple of days off… that’s what work’s there for, right? Three things demand your attention as of the 11th.

First, Hull Heritage Open Days will run from 11th to the 14th

Heritage Open Days. access to buildings, businesses, places that are free to explore for a limited time.
Heritage Open Days. access to buildings, businesses, places that are free to explore for a limited time.


Heritage Open Days, while it might be national, Hull’s been doing its own historical thing for thirty years now. Yeah, I know… Hull trend setting again. Go figure. This year there’s a huge amount of historic buildings you can explore and with it discover tales of what Hull was. From milling to movies, working man to millionaire. Fish isn’t the be all and end all of this city. Lets not forget the Ale Trail, (wait! Beer isn’t the be all and end all either) another chance to wander about the old town and the pubs that have not been beiged out.

There’s a special Saturday Trinity Open Market on the 13th as a part of the Heritage Open Days event. Normally held once a month on a Friday, it’s a great place for that unique ‘not on the high street’ thing you’ve been hunting.

When you are done shopping pop on over to the Gin Festival:


Fruit Space is holding this year’s Gin Festival on the 13th held with supporting music and the chance to learn some cocktail making skills tickets cost less than a take away pizza.

Slightly merry now? Can’t you handle your drink?

But wait. I’m sensing a little of the ‘not impressed’ attitude here. So lets throw in another

Hull Folk Festival -12-14th Sept
Hull Folk Festival -12-14th Sept

something to do. Hull Folk Festival also runs at across the same weekend, starting on 12th until the 14th once again in the happening Humber Street and Marina location of Hull, with over 50 live shows at Minerva, Fruit, Green Bricks, Ruscadors.

You got that? Heritage, Gin, Folk.

Ok, Back to Fruit Space this on the 21st to catch their Cult Cinema Sunday offering of Beetlejuice – don’t forget your free popcorn. Because, well, I’d hate for you to be bored. If that isn’t your cup of tea chill out at Pearson, Pickering, East or West Park. You’ll need to relax and catch your breath anyhow as next up is Trinity Festival on the 26th.

Hull Trinity Festival
Hull Trinity Festival, 26th -28th Sept. Three days of awesome music from the North of England. Free.


This one is all about the music, and there’s a lot of it in Hull, but it’s not just Hull and local bands turning up with Toploader and TOY making headlines this year. A festival that started out in 2011, this year Trinity Festival is hosting over 100 acts, and it has bled to the local pubs and clubs around Hull’s old Town and beyond.

September, time for a bevvy or two on the marina, and and party till dawn round the old town.





Thats it. September’s done. October means only one thing in Hull.

Hull Fair.

See. I haven’t even scratched the surface of ‘usual’ offerings found down Newland and Princes Avenues,  or dented the bank balance.

How can people moan that there’s nowt to do in Hull?