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Hey Hull what are you moaning about?

  “Dunno what you wanna go to Hull for. Only thing it’s good for is being the end of the M62.” “I hate living here, there int nowt to do.” Living in Hull you hear these things quite a lot. (Minor understatement.) Really? People! Where have you been the last couple of years? Another one…

Chasing the Dragon.

Interesting week this week. I don’t know the artist of this, which sums up my huge learning curve, but he/she has put it concisely enough. We all do things for a reason, primarily we work to pay bills. We aim to get higher on the pay scale to have more left after paying those bills….

Culture City. Hull? Knew it!

20th November. Twitter went mad, the local press lost the plot (more so than usual). Hull named City of Culture 2017.http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/50-reasons-Hull-UK-City-Culture-2017/story-20116239-detail/story.html I secretly hoped that the minds behind the bid would succeed. I am so glad they did. I hope they are enjoying their hangovers.

From the Seeds of Fruit.

Today I found a little bit of America in my home town. You won’t find it in London, not Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds. Newcastle has its own thing going on. This is all of those, with history that bellows from every brick and hope that flickers in the old Victorian lamps. This is unique to…