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Humber Science Fiction and Fantasy

After a hiatus, HumberSFF descends on Hull again on November 10th. It’s (another) one of the reasons I’ve been quieter than usual. The regional meet up for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror lovers has become a bit of a thing now. I started organising Humber SFF after being inspired by other Social meetups. Locally there…

Hull Humour

Ten reasons why’d think twice before pickin’ a scrap wit’ someone from ‘Ull.

Top Ten: Quirks Of Character That Make Hull Folk

Via Weird Retro.

FantastiCon Hull

FantastiCon. Hull’s (first) SFF Convention. Well, it’s the first that I know of. A young Jedi decided to take on R2D2 with a lightsaber at Hull’s first “SFF” con. R2 was unarmed, but stood his ground valiantly. That wasn’t all. Kickerstarter funders had early access, but for others the fun started with a Dr Who…

From the Seeds of Fruit.

Today I found a little bit of America in my home town. You won’t find it in London, not Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds. Newcastle has its own thing going on. This is all of those, with history that bellows from every brick and hope that flickers in the old Victorian lamps. This is unique to…