Is This Planet Earth?

Is This Planet Earth Exhibition. Several pieces of Bio Specimens, oil artwork featuring insects and otherworldly specimensI’m all about getting away from writing every now and again because it’s usually where the inspiration happens. Breaking from the norm refreshes my think meats, it gives me a different perspective so when I’ve got the time I try to explore. Life at home is being particularly challenging at the moment so Is this Planet Earth? provided plenty of ideas.

The Ferens Art Gallery in Hull isn’t my usual haunt, though the imposing oil paintings of the past have inspired stories before and there’s always stuff for the family in the school holidays.

It might have been outside my comfort zone, but it was a real treat to attend the preview of Is This Planet Earth?, an exhibition inspired by the genres I love.

I know, I really don’t get out enough. I had the opportunity to meet some of the artists whose work featured in the exhibition. It served as reminder that what is familiar to me is alien to others.

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