Distaff A Science Fiction Anthology by Female Writers – The Cover.

Distaff is an all female science fiction anthology. By all, we mean everything from concept to cover, the stories within are both written by and edited by women. It’s been an amazing project. Not only do I have a story in the science fiction anthology due out in August, but I also designed the cover.


We all know how important a good cover is and I didn’t want to let the other authors down.

As a reviewer I’ve fallen in love with so much cover art but that wasn’t enough. My history in web design helped too. I know the role a cover plays in enticing a potential reader. it has to attract the eye, it has to stand out.

It’s harder to design an anthology cover. You’re not just working with one story. There is such a variation of styles in an anthology that it can be very tricky to capture the spirit, even if there is a theme.

E-Book Cover for Distaff A Science Fiction Anthology by Female Writers
The Science Fiction Anthology, Distaff is due out in August 2019.

As a reader, borrower and buyer of books the cover has a different call, it has to promise the reader something and implying what lies within.

There’s nothing shy and retiring about the stories in Distaff, nor it’s cover.

You can pre-order Distaff: A Science Fiction Anthology by female authors from Amazon, now, and save yourself some money at the same time and you can check out Distaff’s supporting website created by Juliana Spink Mills here. You’ll find information on all the talented authors I’m sharing space with there.