Distaff: Launched.

While I was wandering the banks of the Liffey, putting faces to the online pals I have, and helping out as a volunteer at Worldcon 77 in Dublin, Distaff: A Science Fiction Anthology by Female Authors was published. Friday was Distaff’s official launch in Belfast at Titancon – this year’s European Fantasy Convention. Unfortunately I couldn’t extend my adventures to join authors Kerry Buchanan, Jo Zebedee, and Juliana Spink Mills to celebrate their hard work in making the day happen. I have no doubt the support Pol provided made up for my absence.

White Chocolate Robots and Cupcakes with Distaff Scifi Anthology cover image
Holly Blue (Bridport) is my go to for all my future book launch needs!

Holly Blue in Dorset provided some excellent nibbles. (Thank you E J Tett for stunning chocolates, and Juliana for the photos!)

Being part of this project has been an immense learning curve. It has taught me a lot about the industry and marketing, and I’ve found new buddies as well. Let’s not forget the unspoken “What’s possible when you work together.”

Science Fiction is many things, and thanks to the attentive care of our editors Rosie Oliver and Sam Primeau, Distaff reflects that.

All of the above would have been plenty to deal with, but Distaff keeps on giving. It’s been incredibly well received by reviewers. With that in mind here’s a roundup of the reviews Distaff has had so far. Readers are a writer’s most important friend, but reviewers hold a power all of their own. If you have reviewed it thanks for taking the time. I know how hard that can be.

Peat Long – The Review

Ultimately, where Distaff wins me over is that each story has its own individual feeling yet all of them felt like they belonged together.

Also check out Peat’s interviews with the authors. Part one, Part two & Part three.

Dave de Burgh

All in all, this anthology works wonderfully in showing that SF is still a genre which has a lot to say and has so many ways in which to say those things. Filled with great ideas and characters, Distaff is, hopefully, the first volume in what I hope will be an anthology series, and deserves to be widely read and enjoyed.


Overall a very strong set of SF tales that demonstrate the variety that lies within any genre. 


If you’re a fan of sci-fi stories and women authors, check out Distaff for a lovely anthology of both.


And of course no review list is complete without Good Reads 

If you’ve read Distaff do leave a review, it’s nice to know which stories you connect with.

Here’s to women’s work and the changes they inspire. A photo featuring Distaff book, bookmarks and stickers