Draft 3 – Interferences 0

It happened. I finished the Fantasy Novel draft. The End happened. (So did cake.)

‘The Novel With Dragons*’ Fantasy stands at eight-six thousand words– no it’s not done. That figure doesn’t include the ten or so thousand words in notes and fifteen thousand odd in research folders. And while we’re at it, can we not talk about the twenty thousand words lost in a scrivener corruption? (*sob*)

It could have been worse. Yay for multiple backups!

But if it’s not done, why The End?

Because it has the shape I want, it comes with a synopsis now. So I know enough to say “That’s that round done.” and stuff it in a drawer until Autumn.

To finish ‘The Novel With Dragons**’ by mid July was this year’s goal. For the time being I’ve found a routine that usually works around the unique needs of my family and work. Family demands have a tendency to fluctuate so who knows how much longer this will fit.

Life did its best to get in the way, (see Scrivener Corruption, also Laptop Death, Stuck, Family Illnesses and of course Job.) It’s taken some time to figure out how I work. This includes ranting while peeling onions, complaining while doing the school run and other vital ways of venting that are too boring to list.

Getting away from the keyboard and going to Edge-Lit gave me the space to think, relax, and find why I felt mired. Top tip folks, characters don’t like being forced into unnatural plot arcs.

While I haven’t seen the last of ‘The Novel With Dragons***’ the focus now shifts to Distaff and Dublin 19 – WorldCon and READING. I’ll be planning the Autumn code club, I have an interesting ‘thing’ coming up at Hull Uni and some other bits I’m working on. More on these soon, of course.



*Nope, not the actual title.

** Still not the actual title.

*** Absolutely not changing my mind on this.