Happy UKYA Day

Today is #UKYA Day.

Celebrating Young Adult fiction by UK authors.

If you don’t yet know what UKYA is, read this or believe me when I say UK young adult books are a good thing!

I don’t want to know what you’re reading, nope. I’m not going to give you a list of stuff I love. I have a bigger challenge for you.

Your challenge, should you wish to accept it is to get to a bookshop, or more than one. Ask the staff what they recommend from their shelves. What UK YA can you find out there? Would you read it? Would you buy it?


2 thoughts on “Happy UKYA Day”

  1. I would if I could but there are no English bookshops round here!
    Will next month do? I’ll be in England then for the christening of my granddaughter Amelia, known as Millie-Moo!

    1. Congratulations, grandma. I hope the sun shines for the christening. I’d be curious to know what YA if any are in your local shops and from where they originate though!

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