Literary and Genre Collide in Kings of A Dead World.

In the past I’ve been lucky enough to interview many talented authors. I’m pleased to say that I’ll be kicking off my 2022 where I left off in 2020. (Let’s not discuss the missing years, shall we?)

On Feb 22nd I will be chatting with Jamie Mollart, whose novel Kings of A Dead World has been published by Sandstone Press. Those of you who have been following my SFFWorld and BSFA Reviews will know that I enjoy giving indie presses the signal boost they deserve. I’m also a sucker for anything from the northern parts of our island.(No walls involved thanks.) The event is to celebrate the paperback launch and it’s going to be a whole lotta fun.

You can book your free place via this Crowdcast link:

Kings of a Dead World is a frighteningly close to the nerve climate science fiction novel. I’m reliably informed (I mean, the author should know, right?) it’s not inspired by our ongoing experiences throughout the Covid pandemic, but the similarities are there.

Sandstone isn’t new to the publishing world by any means, but Kings of A Dead World is their first speculative fiction novel, and it doesn’t miss a beat.Features a navy blue background with 'As disturbing as it is brilliant' quote from Giles Kristan

So join me on Feb 22nd online! We’ll be talking about how the intricate world within Kings of A Dead World came about, Jamie’s influences and his passion for science fiction.