Writers Are The Best Friends To Have.

It’s taken a while, too long in fact, for me to see what the writing community already knew. Writers are the best friends to have.

There’s a different pace of life forced upon a writer. Commuting, unless there’s a bus involved, doesn’t lend well to putting words on a page. Careening from career to childcare to chores doesn’t either. This writer needs  less ARRRRGGG! and more ahhhhh!

In a year where my writing and other bookish joys have been pushed under the stairs, I have been lucky enough to work on Robin Trigg’s cover for his latest novel, New Gods. It’s an excellent read, if you like deep narratives. Normally there’d be a blog in how the cover came to be. This, as we all keep being told, is not ‘normal times’. Book cover image of New Gods.

Other creative works still lie in wait for reveals. I know they will be well received. Sadly, as well we all know, bringing stories into the world can be slow…slow…OMG-I-Needed-It-Yesterday. I can’t wait to be able to share these projects with you.

Every time life’s needs pull more at me, a friend from the book and writing world unwittingly reaches out, a quiet reminder of how simple things like reviews can make someone’s day, or a HumberSFF meet is much missed.

I lament the lack of reviews, the withdrawal from so many excellent projects, and simply having to say No, when I want to say Yes. I know, too, that it is only temporary. I do see an end to my life’s upheaval, it doesn’t involve juggling endless glass balls.

So thank you writery and book friends for reading, for sharing a review, for generally being awesome and taking each day as it comes, and thanks too, for letting me be a part of something amazing.