Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Well, would you look at that. An award – shiny neh?

My shiny Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you Carol Bevitt! I’d send you Malteasers, but I’ve eaten them all 😀


Funny old word, inspiration. In the world of writing and creativity it’s taken for granted.

We’re all out there to be noticed, trying to produce something that will produce the “wow” we crave. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are those both above and below us on our ladder.

In the spirit of this award, three things that have recently inspired me.


Why do I hear groans in the audience? Yes I know, feedback always comes with its negativity.

“You know that piece of work you’ve shoved on the alter over there… I don’t like this, this and this.”

But there are always those rejections that don’t take you anywhere.

“That’s nice.” Is as much use as “No thanks.” Without the feedback.

Without solid feedback how do you grow? How do you decide what is within your work for a reason? If you’re doing it right, feedback comes with positive comments too. No I don’t mean that sandwich. Constructive critique needs to be balanced not wrapped in false praise. It has to be something you can assess and work with, so you can see your foundations and know that it’s strong enough to take the rest of what you want to develop. I’ve been getting a lot of this kind of feedback.

Twitter Chats and Forums.

Writing and parenting two of the world’s most judgemental roles. It feels that way at times. Both leave you questioning your actions, and whether you have made the right choices. They are both isolating roles too. While conventions are the best place to meet people in the same line work as you, (and with the same geek/obsession) they are also freakishly expensive.

Hello digital world. Hashtags #sfflunch (Thank you World Weaver Press) and #Sffchrons
Fun and randomness mixes with the seriousness of debates over which Red Shirt will get it next. Sub forums are there for any SFF writer, publisher, artist…to pick the brains of those in the industry.

(Thank you often produce interesting debates, ideas and also reduce the isolation. The twitter panel #tickboo recently raised some excellent thoughts on the role of small presses in the current market inspiring a few authors to look beyond the larger publishing houses. SFF Chronicles is the pit in which I hide when the feedback of doom arrives. Here not just writers, but readers and all the various consumers of Science Fiction and Fantasy lurk, so I can explore movie discussions, game flaws, just as much as plot hole nightmares.

There are other forums solely for writers of course, but you have to take time out of that headspace.

Friends, Family and strange people I almost know.

We all wobble of that cliff edge at times, throw toys out the pram and stomp our foot with the declaration “I’m so not doing this any more.”

Friends I have made through conventions in the last year give me insight to a world I am not yet part of, be that on a skill level, or a career path, provide inspiration to keep going. If they can do it so can I. Digital friends (that so sounds wrong) also show me that they’ve been through the mire and no one is alone in this mess. Ever. Most recently it would have to be the SFF meet ups that just so happen to be in pubs that are providing a source of inspiration.

Family and close friends know what set me off on this crazy stupid path of hope. They don’t always know what I am are talking about, but they do know it’s important to me.

My family ties me to Hull – and there is plenty of inspiration ideas and possibilities bubbling away in the 2017 City of Culture.


So on to the nominees…

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You’re all on the list for a reason 😉 have fun or don’t just follow the rules:

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  1. Thanks for the nomination MillyMollyMo! Sometimes it’s hard to find an appropriate subject or angle for a blog post, and when time’s short it can be tempting to just give up. But awards like this one, comments and ‘likes’ are all inspirational to the blogger – thank you!

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